ASUS ROG Ryujin II AIO 240mm Intel/AMD CPU Water Cooler

ASUS ROG Ryujin II AIO 240mm Intel/AMD CPU Water Cooler
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Brand: Asus
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IMPECCABLE COOLING PERFORMANCE The flagship ROG Ryujin II all-in-one cooler delivers ultimate thermal performance for gamers looking for the absolute best. With a 7th Generation Asetek pump, Noctua Industrial PPC radiator fans, and an embedded fan for the CPU socket area, it harnesses both water and air to provide incredible cooling capabilities. And with an LCD panel that displays system stats and customizable graphics, ROG Ryujin II become the heart of your system.​ LCD PERSONALISATION The 3.5" LCD panel on the ROG RYUJIN pump head is the largest LCD display on any AIO cooler in the industry and infuses your build with customisable visuals. SYSTEM MONITORING Tune your LCD display via armory crate software and display crucial system info CUSTOM ANIMATIONS Custom images & animations can be uploaded to the LCD display, giving your system a more personal touch. AIDA 64 ROG Ryujin II series includes a one-year subscription for the AIDA64 Extreme software, which provides advanced monitoring of hardware and software and offers exclusive in-screens that displays system and component performance.​ SUPERB PWM COOLING To overcome the thermal challenges and get the most from your latest multi-core CPUs, ROG Ryujin II offers industrial-grade Noctua iPPC-2000 PWM radiator fans that deliver high performance and minimal-noise operation. ​ EMBEDDED IN-PUMP FAN ROG Ryujin II conquers a limitation of traditional liquid coolers by providing a 60 mm fan embedded in the pump housing to ensure ample airflow to the CPU socket area. This fan circulates air to the CPU VRMs, M.2 slot, and surrounding components to reduce temperatures for added performance and stability.​ CREATE YOUR OWN ECOSYSTEM The controller for ROG Ryujin II features four PWM fan headers that can be tuned via FanXpert 4. It also offers four ARGB headers to link with addressable strips and components for lighting up your build. ​