Beauty Works Aeris Hair Dryer Diffuser

Beauty Works Aeris Hair Dryer Diffuser
Categories: Accessories, Magnets
Brand: Beauty Works
Color: One Colour
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Achieve a bouncy and frizz-free blow dry at home with the Beauty Works Aeris Hair Dryer Diffuser. The AERIS Diffuser is designed to disperse air evenly around each curl perfectly to lift and separate the hair, replicating the natural drying of the hair. The diffused and even airflow helps to define your natural curls and waves while reducing frizz. It is engineered with extra long prongs for extra precision and superior control when drying your beautiful locks. The magnetic styling attachment can be rotated 360° so that you can control the direction of airflow to meet your styling needs. Attach this powerful diffuser to the AERIS Lightweight Digital Hairdryer for defined curls and waves. Available via code V91IJ. Power Type: Mains Travel Size: N