Blue Diamond Wok 28Cm/3.6L

Blue Diamond Wok 28Cm/3.6L
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Brand: Blue Diamond
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Blue Diamond open Fry Pan 24cm. Designed with 5 x harder coating. Made with diamonds , the hardest natural materials on earth - to create a super strong surface to cook with. Metal utensils have found their match, this pan does’nt scratch! 10 x longer lasting - the Cermamic non-stick coating makes this pan extremely durable and much longer lasting than traditional nonstick pans. This pan willquickly become your go to partner in the kitchen, use after use, wash after wash. 4 X better heat transfer - this pans heat up super quick and evenly. Say goodbye to cold or hot spots, with the incredible heat of Blue Diamond saving your time and energy. Features: Durable: Made with Cermamic non-stick coating. Easy Cooking: Even heat transfer so your pan heats up super quick and evenly. Saving your time and energy when It comes to dinner time. Dimand: Non scratch surface to use everday. Specifications: Dimensions: H:48.6 x W:28.8 x D:10.4 cm Colour: Blue Guarantee:Limited Lifetime Material: Aluminum Model Number: CC002393-001