Bormio Electric Stove

Bormio Electric Stove
Brand: Klarstein
Color: black
Size: 79.0 H x 49.0 W x 35.5 D cm
446.47 GBP
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The Bormio smart electric fireplace conjures up realistic flame illusions in any room. The soft light imitates deceptively real flames and smoldering logs and immediately spreads a cozy, romantic atmosphere. The built-in thermostat measures the current room temperature, with the open window detection it even detects a rapid drop in temperature and switches the fireplace off automatically. An adjustable weekly timer allows you to program heating times for each day of the week. Operation is simple, in addition to the switches on the unit itself, the fireplace can be conveniently operated with the included remote control. Another upgrade for your uncomplicated, comfortably warm heating experience offers you: control of one or more heaters easily via smartphone or tablet. The classic design of the fireplace impresses with its simplicity and unfussy elegance. The concealed control panel perfectly rounds off the harmonious overall impression. A special highlight is the decorative storage space for logs at the base of the fireplace. Finish: Black