Burrus 3 Person Infrared Sauna with Heater

Burrus 3 Person Infrared Sauna with Heater
Brand: Freeport Park
Color: brown
Size: 195.0 H x 108.0 W x 94.0 D cm
1799.99 GBP
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Finnish sauna princess model completely is made of luxurious Canadian cedar, the only wood with the properties to keep the sauna intact and without any defect over time at high temperatures and humidity to which it is exposed. The solid Canadian cedar wood is worked completely by hand to make the surface of the wood uniform, smooth and silky to the touch. Latest generation technology, infrared, safe for use with energy-saving. Multiple benefits infrared: reduces rheumatoid arthritis, relaxes muscles, improves circulation, reduces acne, firms cellulite, removes excess toxins, reduces stress and fatigue, tones the skin. Radio with SD card input and USB socket with connection for mobile playlists with integrated audio speakers, adjustable backrest to relax comfortably, external lights, internal lights with 8-tone chromotherapy, double internal and external control panel to be able to control all functions both from the inside and outside, self-shutdown timer, velvet door seals, door hinges in 18/10 stainless steel, door with magnetic closure, 8 carbon radiators on all walls, in the floor and in the calves, integrated air intake sliding. Maximum temperature 65 degrees self-limited in operation after only 10 minutes from switching on.