Cancer Art Print - A3 - Wooden Frame

Cancer Art Print - A3 - Wooden Frame
Categories: Decoration, Poster
Brand: By IWOOT
Color: Multi
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IWOOT - Stuff you really, really wantLatin for Crab , the constellation of Cancer contains two stars that have planets. One of these stars, 55 Cancri, has a gas giant planet with very similar conditions to earth. Space is one of the coolest topics around. From planets to stars, the Moon to meteors, there’s always more amazing stuff to see. This space-themed range by IWOOT has a little bit of everything: blueprints, space art, constellations… It’s awesome!Printed on Premium Matt Coated 230gsm paper, our fine art prints come hand rolled to ensure quality is maintained in the finished product. These digital prints are printed on white poster paper with a high-quality digital print to give outstanding clarity and detail in the finished design.