Celestron Nexstar 5Se Schmidt Cassegrain Computerised Telescope

Celestron Nexstar 5Se Schmidt Cassegrain Computerised Telescope
Brand: Celestron
Color: One Colour
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Discover the wonders of space with the Celestron Nexstar 5SE Schmidt Cassegrain Computerised Telescope. The NexStar 5SE is the perfect choice for your first serious telescope, offering striking views at an economical price. See Deep Into Space The 5SE’s five-inch primary mirror packs enough light-gathering ability to observe the best that the solar system has to offer: Saturn’s rings, the cloud bands on Jupiter, and geographic features on the surface of the Moon. When it comes to deep sky objects, take your 5SE to a dark-sky site and you’ll see hundreds of pinpoint stars in the Hercules Globular Cluster, the spiral arms of the Whirlpool Galaxy, and more. Revolutionary Single Fork Arm Mount The unique, patented single fork arm mount is perfectly portable and makes setup quick and easy. What’s more, the NexStar SE breaks down into several lightweight and compact pieces, making it easy to transport, even in small vehicles. You’ll have no problem getting the NexStar SE to your favourite observing site, or setting it up quickly in your backyard. Track Your Targets Of course, it’s what’s inside the mount that really counts. Sturdy construction from high-quality components give NexStar SE the pointing and tracking accuracy needed to observe and follow your favourite targets with push-button ease. Use the included NexStar+ hand control to locate over 40,000 celestial objects, or take a Sky Tour and let your telescope show you the best objects currently visible. Easy Alignments Aligning your telescope is simple and painless, too, thanks to SkyAlign. This process makes alignment as easy as 1-2-3: just centre 3 bright objects in your eyepiece and press ALIGN. For even easier alignment, attach our StarSense AutoAlign and your NexStar SE aligns itself! Depth: 1041 MM 5 inch Schmidt Cassegrain Fully computerised Go to functionality, with 40000 object database Built in wedge for equatorial tracking, needed for long exposure astrophotography Sturdy 2" stainless steel tripod legs 50x magnification eyepiece (25mm) 329x light gathering power compared to the human eye Height: 1454 MM Width: 876 MM