Clearwater 5Kg Chlorine Granules

Clearwater 5Kg Chlorine Granules
Brand: Clearwater
Color: One Colour
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ClearWater Chlorine Granules are an extremely simple way to disinfect your pool and keep it clean and safe every day. Using chlorine in swimming pools is vital for keeping water clean and hygienic; unless, of course, you enjoy sharing your swimming space with harmful bacteria, damaging germs and dirty micro-organisms! The best thing about the chlorine treatment is that it’s so incredibly simple to apply. If water temperature exceeds 20°C then the recommended level of swimming pool chlorine granules can be directly applied. If, on the other hand, water temperature is lower than 20°C then the specified level of pool chlorine granules can be dissolved in a plastic container before application. The chlorine granules rapidly dissolve in the water, evenly dispersing throughout a pool in no time at all. As with all chemical products, instructions and warnings should be followed and heeded extremely carefully. Thankfully the 5kg Chlorine Granules are clearly labelled with instructions and cautionary information. Depth: 175 MM Stabilised chlorine granules disinfect spa water Rapid dissolve tablets are simple to apply Can be directly applied to hot tubs exceeding 20°C Eliminates bacteria and harmful organisms Adult use only Height: 280 MM Width: 130 MM