Diann Jeep

Diann Jeep
Brand: Freeport Park
Size: 72.0 H x 65.0 W cm
399.99 GBP
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Does your child often envy adults the fun of driving? Do children always feel like driving their own car? If your answers are positive, this electric car would be a wonderful solution. With its Jeep-like appearance, this electric car can help your children have fun driving. Luminous LED headlights, door locks, an illuminated cockpit and lattice windows at the front, as well as various entertainment configurations make this electric car a dream car for your children. The safety considerations in the construction of this electric car are also so excellent. The remote control and parenting design give you the peace of mind that children can drive as much as they want. Interestingly, this electric car can last up to 75 minutes (the actual lifespan depends on the driving area).