Dimplex FutuRad 3kW Designer Glass sided Eco heater with Bluetooth controls

Dimplex FutuRad 3kW Designer Glass sided Eco heater with Bluetooth controls
Brand: Dimplex
Color: black
Size: 63.0 H x 74.0 W x 28.5 D cm
303.37 GBP
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The Dimplex 3kW FutuRad Smart Radiator is the future of all radiators, thanks to the combination of innovative heat technology and its super modern design with black glass finish. It boasts super fast warm up times thanks to its Thermocore XR (Extra radiant heat) Oil-free technology. As there is no oil it is an eco-conscious alternative to oil filled radiators. The FutuRad comes with an integrated electric thermostat with 7 day timer and offers either 24 hour runback or delayed start options, with electronic climate control which has a highly accurate thermostat that can be adjusted in 1 degree Celsius increments using an easy to read colour touch control LED display. The portable heater comes pre-set with a clever intelligent eco mode, designed to save time and money by avoiding continuous adjustment of the thermostat or power levels. Portability is easier thanks to non slip, non scratch easy glide castors, dual integrated carry handles (conveniently at either end) and as it is oil free, it is lighter than oil filled equivalents. Other features include integral cable tidy and stylish, high gloss finish. Safety is paramount, with overheat protection, frost protection and tilt switch system fitted which cuts the power if accidentality knocked over. Thanks to its thermostatic, oil free technology there are no risks of leaks or ruptures and it is backed by a 10 year guarantee.Ideal for rooms up to 25m².Suitable for well insulated spaces or occasional use.