Dometic CFX3 25 Electric Cool Box 12/24V & 230V 25L 9600028369

Dometic CFX3 25 Electric Cool Box 12/24V & 230V 25L 9600028369
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Dometic CFX3 25 Electric Cool Box 12/24V &: 230V 25L This powerful cooler cools and freezes so you can take more of your favorite food and drinks with you wherever you go. Its robust design ensures that the cool box can take a beating and the handy mobile app allows you to control your Dometic CFX3 remotely. Go further. stay longer and experience more.

  • Total capacity of 25 liters and suitable for 40 cans or 5 bottles of 1.5 liters
  • Rugged. yet lightweight ExoFrame construction with impact-resistant edges and aluminum handles
  • Powerful VMSO3 compressor cooling technology efficiently cools between +20°C and -22°C
  • Quick-to-read. high-resolution color display with soft-touch controls for easy temperature setting and monitoring
  • The CFX3 app allows you to control and monitor the temperature remotely via WiFi or Bluetooth. If desired. you can also call up the history of the cooling performance as well as the energy consumption at any time.
  • Dynamic battery protection prevents a flat battery in the vehicle or allows intensive use of a double battery
  • Easy to carry thanks to a robust. light and compact design With the CFX3 from Dometic you can enjoy your outdoor experiences even more and for longer. The CF3 gives you the opportunity to put your well-being first. Whether youre driving on-road. off-road. through the outback or just having a garden party at home. your everyday and extraordinary adventures will be made even more fun thanks to safer food. less waste and more confidence. allowing you to to enjoy the full 100%. Colour: Black Content: 25 Liter application: Cool box Size: 56.9 x 34.2 x 42 cm plug: 12V plug: 24V plug: 230V Guarantee : 2 years