Dryfypro Connect Dehumidifier

Dryfypro Connect Dehumidifier
Brand: Klarstein
Size: 58.5 H x 38.0 W x 20.5 D cm
309.99 GBP
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The easy way to the ideal humidity: the pro connects dehumidifier with wifi interface dries damp rooms after construction, renovation and water damage or easily regulates the humidity in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Feel much more comfortable with the right humidity: the pro connects dehumidifier eliminates humid air in no time at all and ensures a liberated breath of fresh air in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom and quick drying after construction or renovation work. With powerful 370 watts of power and air circulation of 170 m³ per hour, it removes up to 20 litres of moisture from the air per day - making the pro connect dehumidifier ideal for rooms of 18 to 20 m². A large 4-litre tank collects the water produced and can be easily emptied. A three-colour led light surface shows the moisture content of the air at a glance from green to orange to red. Thanks to a wifi interface, the device can also be logged into the home network and easily controlled via the app. But that’s not all, the pro connect is a full-fledged air purifier thanks to the integrated nylon and activated carbon filter as well as the UV function, which filters fine dust and germs from the air in addition to dust and odours, thus improving the indoor climate twice in one device. Another practical feature is the high level of user-friendliness: the pro connect is programmed for its task with just a few buttons on the top-side display. The target air humidity can be set in the same way as the timer, which can be programmed by the hour. In addition, a choice can be made between power and silent mode. It’s easier than ever to achieve the perfect humidity. The pro connects dehumidifier provides the best air for breathing. Colour: Black