Energizer Alkaline Power AAA Batteries - 12 Pack

Energizer Alkaline Power AAA Batteries - 12 Pack
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Brand: Energizer
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These Energizer AAA Alkaline Power Batteries provide long-lasting energy for all your everyday devices. At a lower cost than premium alternatives, they also have a greater resistance to leakage. Power your devices with these long-lasting and reliable Alkaline Power batteries from Energizer-for the expertise you expect at a great value. Specifications Lasting power for your basic energy needs For everyday use Resealable Container 24-pack of Energizer Alkaline Power AAA batteries Leak-resistant design ensures your batteries won’t leak in storage so they’re ready when you are Long-lasting power for your family’s everyday devices, like remotes, torches, clocks, toys, and more Holds power for up to 7 years in storage From the makers of the world’s longest-lasting AA battery: Energizer Ultimate Lithium Energizer created the world’s first zero mercury AA alkaline battery, commercially available since 1991 12 Pack Size: AAA