Fuel Line B 7.5 MT Reel Gates 4986-10161

Fuel Line B 7.5 MT Reel Gates 4986-10161
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Brand: Gates
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FUEL LINE HOSE MERCHANDISER Fuel Line Hose Merchandiser With this small diameter hose merchandiser storage or availability problems belong to the past. The handy, durable display holds 6 reels of popular small diameter hose in the fast selling sizes. You simply selecy the correct diameter and cut off the length required. No hose is wasted. 530mm wide metal frame with gates sign and distribution plate 6 reels each holding 7.5 or 15m small diameter hose 7 magnetic identification plates allowing adaptation of the range to suit your needs 4 screws and 4 plugs for attachment to the wall and 2 special hooks fitting any type of board A gates lightweight hose cutter tied to the frame by a light chainThe Gates Reels Can Be Broken Down To Length On Request