Hanging Barbecue On Tripod BALPANNE 60 Cm / 70 Cm

Hanging Barbecue On Tripod BALPANNE 60 Cm / 70 Cm
Brand: Marlow Home Co.
Size: 75.5 H cm
569.99 GBP
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BALPANNE grill 60 cm with suspended brazier on tripod OSCAR 70 cm The suspended and swivelling grill allows you to rediscover ordinary cooking. Elegant, high quality product, which can also become and serve as a decorative element in your garden. This OSCAR tripod barbecue is a product that is designed for outdoor use. All parts are easy to clean and with your usual detergents, they are also durable. The grill with brazier is easy to install, easily dismantled and transported. This grill is the ideal solution for the pleasure of grilling and cooking friendly. Each of the three pillars of the OSCAR tripod consists of three elements. The heatresistant coated brazier is adjustable in height. The grill can be easily adjusted in height, allowing you to optimally control the temperature of your cooking or barbecuing. Thanks to its 3 chains, you can adjust the grill to three different heights, so you can optimize your cooking. The model is available in black sanded steel and in 2 sizes. The components of the kit include: stainless steel grill, brazier, OSCAR tripod and chains. Available sizes: Stainless steel grill Diameter 50 cm Brazier Diameter 60 cm OR Stainless steel grill Diameter 60 cm Brazier Diameter 70 cm OSCAR tripod (height 192 cm) 3 chains Top of the range product European manufacturing