Harlequin Sumi Natural Wallpaper

Harlequin Sumi Natural Wallpaper
Categories: Decoration, Wallpaper
Brand: Harlequin
Color: Natural
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Harlequin Sumi Natural Wallpaper Translated from Japanese as refined or elegant , Sumi is a true expression of contemporary sophistication. The neutral backdrop is the perfect canvas to the large-scale geometric design, which sees clean, painterly lines scattered in all different directions. Its minimalist two-tone palette means it looks incredible when used all around the room, or you can use it as the focal point for a feature wall when framed by brighter shades. A wider-than-normal 68 cm roll means this wallpaper is quicker to apply than usual, so you can save time when refreshing your space. Height: 68.6 CM Wallpaper Design: Geometric