Harry Potter Floo Powder Sweatshirt - White - M - White

Harry Potter Floo Powder Sweatshirt - White - M - White
Brand: Harry Potter
Color: White
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IWOOT - Stuff you really, really wantWhen thrown into a fireplace, Floo Powder allows magical travel between anywhere in the Floo Network- just remember to speak clearly, or you don’t know where you’ll end up.This inspired Harry Potter Floo Powder Sweatshirt, stylish and practical, is unique to our site. Realised by our designers, it features a pronounced graphic on a White piece of clothing.(This product has been manufactured with ethical standards in place, so you can feel comfortable as you wear your new apparel.) Cotton and Polyester BlendMachine safeBefore tumble-drying, please refer to the labelHeavy Weight CottonIn addition to a focus on design, our items are tailored to people of different sizes, each T-shirt having a relaxed fit. If you prefer some bagginess, please order a larger size.Step into the magical realm with this incredible range of Official Harry Potter merchandise! Do you wish to show your love of your chosen House? Or are your desires geared for power and the Dark Arts? There’s something for everyone here, Muggles and magic users alike!