HP Pick Up & Return, HW Support, 3 year Media centre PC

HP Pick Up & Return, HW Support, 3 year Media centre PC
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Brand: HP
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All Supportpacks must be purchased within 180-days of HW purchase date with the agreement start date being the HW purchase date (and NOT Supportpack purchase date). Supportpack registration should be done within 10-days of its purchase and is a must before receiving any support from HP. HP Supportpack are available from commercial computer resellers. Product numbers ending with A are physical HP Supportpack. Product numbers ending with E are electronic HP Supportpack available through select resellers. Product numbers ending with VV are HP Supportpack available through Select Express. Post-warranty: Product numbers ending with PA are physical HP Supportpack" product numbers ending with PE are electronic HP Supportpacks available through select resellers. HP Care Pack services offer upgraded service levels to extend and expand your standard product warranty with easy-to-buy, easy-to-use support packages that help you make the most of your hardware and software investments. They let you choose the support levels that meet your business requirements, from basic to mission-critical. They help you contain TCO. And they offer you coverage options for all key IT areas"