HPE Read Intensive - Solid State Drive - 960 GB - SAS 12Gb/s

HPE Read Intensive - Solid State Drive - 960 GB - SAS 12Gb/s
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Brand: HPE
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Do you need more performance from your sever or platform? HPE SSDs deliver advanced performance and endurance while reducing power consumption for customers with applications requiring high random read and write IOPs performance. Provides simplicity and lower total cost of ownership HPE solid state drives deliver reduced power consumption,providing improved IOPS/W versus rotating media while reducing datacenter cooling costs. Increases the efficiency of your server HPE SSDs allow you to get the most out of your server with more compute per watt with SSDs. Uses self-describing LEDs that reduce drive activity confusion. Accelerate workload performance HPE SSDs achieve higher IOPs to enhance the performance of your data center and give you faster access to data with excellent latency. For Modular Smart Array 1060 10GBASE-T iSCSI SFF, 1060 12Gb SAS SFF, 1060 16Gb Fibre Channel SFF, 2060 10GbE iSCSI SFF, 2060 12Gb SAS SFF, 2060 16Gb Fibre Channel SFF, 2060 SAS 12G 2U 24-disk SFF Drive Enclosure, 2062 10GbE iSCSI SFF, 2062 12Gb SAS SFF, 2062 16Gb Fibre Channel SFF