Huth 120cm LED Novelty Floor Lamp

Huth 120cm LED Novelty Floor Lamp
Brand: Ebern Designs
Color: gray
Size: 120.0 H x 50.0 W x 30.0 D cm
859.99 GBP
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Beauty unfolds like a flower in all its glory with its detailed floral motif, this floor lamp knows how to effortlessly unfold a whole world of beauty and thus be completely charming. This beautiful, filigree interior engraving presents a refined floral motif. The uniqueness of this motif results from the fascinating contrast, consisting of an abundantly flourishing, multi-layered flower on one side and a delicate, smooth stem on the other side. Here the wonder of nature is perfectly staged. The high-quality processed glass comes embedded in an aluminium tripod. The soft lighting makes this lamp a perfect creation.