Jml Mighty Sight

Jml Mighty Sight
Brand: JML
Color: Black
19.99 GBP
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JML Mighty Sight Mighty Sight are magnifying eyewear, with LED lights built-in, that make detailed tasks easy to see, ultra-bright and hands-free! Inspired by the eyewear worn by surgeons, Mighty Sight gives you instant 160% magnification, bringing small print on labels, prescriptions and warnings into detailed, well-lit clarity that’s easy to read. The high-definition optical lenses use new magnification technology, while two built-in LED’s provide maximum illumination. With Mighty Sight, you’ll see intricate detail with crystal-clear vision. Enjoy pastimes and hobbies that require detailed, close-up work with laser-like clarity, or complete DIY projects without straining your eyes. Mighty Sight fits comfortably over your prescription glasses and is rechargeable, so they’re always ready when you are. Perfect for reading, knitting, arts and crafts, and more. Best of all, the LED lights follow your view with pinpoint accuracy, so you won’t disturb others around you. Depth: 170 MM Height: 40 MM Width: 170 MM Hands-free, wearable magnification for near vision Built in LED’s like personal headlights 160% magnification Fits over your prescription reading glasses Makes everything easier to see