Jvl Steel Pvc Coated Washing Line, 20 Metres

Jvl Steel Pvc Coated Washing Line, 20 Metres
Categories: Decoration, Poster
Brand: JVL
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A traditional JVL washing line is a great way to dry your washing. This washing line is handy to have as a spare, Ideal for all washing line posts, hooks and rotary airers. Offering 20 metres of drying space and can hold up to 15kg of laundry. Features: Total of 20m drying ensure you get a full wash load out Strong washing line made from a steel core with a protective PVC coating that adds a splash of aqua colour to your outdoor space Easy to clean - the PVC coating makes the washing line easy to clean; simply wipe clean with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or excess water before hanging out your washing Compatible with most washing line post, fixings and rotary airers Size: 20m approx Specifications: Colour: Blue Guarantee:Standard UK Legislation Material: Plastic Model Number: 11-025