K&N Replacement filter Suzuki Swift 1.4 2017- (33-3130) KN 333130 K&N KN 333130

K&N Replacement filter Suzuki Swift 1.4 2017- (33-3130) KN 333130 K&N KN 333130
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Suzuki Swift 1.4 2017- (33-3130) K&:N insert filter. The filter lasts as long as the life of your engine. If your car is serviced. a new filter will normally be installed. You can simply wash and reuse a K&:N filter. This saves you considerably on the air filter and maintenance costs. With a K&:N air filter you optimize the air supply to your engine block. This ensures better performance and a better engine sound. Because of this property. many people also call it a power filter. This type of K&:N filter is a replacement for the original filter in the air filter housing. You open the standard air filter housing. replace the original filter with the K&:N air filter and close the housing. This type is fairly easy to install. There are also K&:N air filters that replace your entire air filter housing. Advantages of a K&:N insert filter:

  1. More power. higher torque and a better response to the accelerator pedal.
  2. Water repellent.
  3. Washable. suitable for reuse.
  4. Oiled 4-layer cotton for optimum protection. The oil layer works like a magnet. Dust and dirt are retained on the outside while up to 40% more air can enter the engine.
  5. 1 million kilometer warranty
  6. Only clean every 80.000 to 160.000 kilometers.
  7. The kit is provided with a Dutch manual. Montage: You can easily install the K&:N filter in the car and remove it just as easily. You can find countless instructional videos on YouTube to help you. If you still want help with installing your K&:N air filter. you can always go to your AutoStyle dealer. Guarantee : 2 years Length [mm]: 306 Width [mm]: 212 Height [mm]: 25 Filter type: Long-life Filter Shape: Flat