Kefirko Kombucha Fermenter - Pink - Stand And Spigot

Kefirko Kombucha Fermenter - Pink - Stand And Spigot
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Brand: Kefirko
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Kefirko Kombucha Fermenter - Pink - Stand And Spigot Designed for easy first fermentation or continuous brew and equipped with special lid to neutralize unpleasant smell. Features: CONVENIENT TOP LID: Top lid that enables airflow during fermentation. Made of food-grade materials and available in two colours that will brighten your kitchen. The lid includes a carbon felt insert that helps catching odours during fermentation. You can use the filter for months of continuous kombucha brewing before replacing it. You will receive two additional filter with your kombucha fermenter. In the centre of the lid, you will find a convenient round recess where you can insert the fermentation clock. This way you will never forget when your beverage is ready SPECIAL DESIGN OF GLASS JAR: Quality glass jar is custom made from small scale production. We designed special jars that are handmade, mouth blown clear glass of finest quality. Capacity 7L which is perfect for brewing about 1.5 gallon / 5,7 L of fermented beverage. If you’re using the jar as a beverage dispenser you can easily fill it to the top FERMENTATION CLOCK: Keep track of your fermentation time with a handy clock that is included with the fermenter. You can put it into the recess of the top silicone lid when you start fermenting - turn the clock so you mark the starting day of fermentation and leave it to ferment RECIPE BOOK & USER MANUAL: Detailed handbook on how to properly care for the fermenter is included in this book. If you are new at this or experienced brewer, there are facts about kombucha that maybe you didn’t know and answers to questions that may occur in your mind during fermentation. You will also find basic recipes for small or large amounts of kombucha and many ideas for flavouring your second ferments of kombucha beverage Specifications: Colour: Pink Guarantee: 1 Year Limited Model Number: KOZO-7LSD-PI Self Assembly Required: Yes