Key Hook

Key Hook
Categories: Accessories, Keychains
Brand: Union Rustic
Color: brown
Size: 12.0 H x 30.0 W x 3.0 D cm
126.99 GBP
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Are you looking for an unusual gift for a special person who is close to your heart, or do you want to treat yourself to something nice for once? Perhaps it is this lovingly handcrafted oak keychain, which fits seamlessly into any style of interior. A pleasant impressive sight with its own charm and character. The solid oak wood has had its cracks, grains and indentations added by hand, giving it its driftwood look. It is then sanded smooth so that you do not catch any splinters and so that it retains its noble appearance. Then flamed, sanded again and in the final work rubbed with a special, environmentally friendly and colourless oil, so that the wood remains durable. This work is done in Germany, which guarantees that it deserves the expression “Made in Germany”.