Koralia WI-FI M UK Aquarium Accessory

Koralia WI-FI M UK Aquarium Accessory
Brand: Archie & Oscar
Color: black
Size: 6.5 H x 6.5 W x 6.7 D cm
195.99 GBP
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Koralia Wi-Fi by Archie & Oscar is the circulation pump for marine and freshwater aquariums with an exclusive technology that allows control from from smartphone or tablet with the Archie & Oscar App. Powerful, quiet and energy efficient, the Koralia Wi-Fi pump guarantees high performance with a low energy consumption of just 1 watt for 1450 l/h. The innovative Archie & Oscar-patented DMSS (Dual Magnetic Support System) fixing system features a suction cup coupled with a strong magnet and anti-vibration system. It is able to guarantee stable and long-lasting applications on glass up to 15 mm thick and free positioning inside the tank. The mobile application, available for both Android and iOS, is easy to set up and can handle advanced features. You can regulate the flow rate, set time intervals of operations and power, all while controlling also other pumps and lamps. There is no shortage of maintenance notifications, saving settings via the cloud and many other features to discover.The Koralia Wi-Fi pump is available in various models with different flow rates. It comes complete with Wi-Fi controller, power supply, power cord and cable protector for the safety of hedgehogs and fish.Cleaning tips: remove dirt and limescale from the rotor and its seat with a soft brush, do not use detergents or solvents. Clean the pump grids with running water or with a brush.