Lamp Aqamai Fresh Aquarium Accessory

Lamp Aqamai Fresh Aquarium Accessory
Brand: Hydor
Size: 2.0 H x 16.0 W x 22.0 D cm
299.99 GBP
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The Aqamai Fresh Wi-Fi Led lamps for freshwater aquariums can be comfortably controlled from a smartphone or tablet with the Hydor App, available for Android and iOS, thanks to an exclusive Hydor technology. The 8 LED lights are associated with 6 independent regulation channels and are optimized to favour plant growth. With a compact, slim and essential design and high energy efficiency, the Aqamai lights are silent thanks to the cooling system. The mobile application is easy to set up and can handle advanced features. With a smartphone it is in fact possible to reproduce any colour configuration and thus simulate specific geographical areas. The daily and monthly programming is completely customizable and allows you to change colours and intensity in time intervals, recreating the light of day and night or the passing of clouds and storms. There is no shortage of maintenance notifications, saving settings via the cloud and many other features to discover.They are also available in a version for sea water in various models with different dimensions and power, in black or white. The Aqamai are complete with accessories: power supply with cable, suspension kit, positioning template. The ceiling light can also be fixed on the edge of the tub using the special Aqamai Brackets by Hydor (optional).