Livall Road Bike Helmet Bh51M Neo Black (54-58Cm)

Livall Road Bike Helmet Bh51M Neo Black (54-58Cm)
Color: One Colour
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The LIVALL Road Bike Helmet is simple-to-use and comfortable, packed full of genuinely useful smart features - perfect for the commuter or leisure cyclist. Front LED Lighting & Brake Warning Lights Front warning lights work together with the 270° tail lights, to protect your security in all directions. When the built-in accelerometer sensor detects a significant deceleration, the front lights, along with the taillights will be activated for 3 seconds acting as brake lights warning traffic and pedestrians you are slowing down. Smart lighting integrates adaptive technology to ensure your visibility in dark conditions. Operate the bright LED turn signals via the Bluetooth handlebar remote control. Stereo Speakers The 2 Bluetooth stereo speakers and windproof hands-free microphone enable you to listen to music on the go, answer phone calls remotely, and hear GPS sat nav directions while being aware of your surroundings. The speakers are built into the helmet and allow for ambient sounds (i.e. traffic) to be heard whilst listening to your music, call or podcast. Voice Navigation Listen to GPS voice navigation via the built-in speaker with your connected smartphone using your desired navigation app. Fall Detection with SOS Alert Answer phone calls using the remote control and enjoy clear sound both ways with the helmets in-built Bluetooth speakers and wind-proof microphone. Easily communicate with your fellow cyclists using the Walkie-Talkie function when riding in a group. Anti-Loss Alarm When the helmet is connected with a smartphone and the distance between the helmet and phone exceeds 15 metres, both the helmet and phone will sound an alarm to remind users. Auto Off The helmet will switch off automatically when the helmet is disconnected from your phone and motionless for 15 minutes. Crash-tested certified as standard: EN1078 / CPS3 1203 / AS/NZS 2063 Cycle Accessories Type: Helmet