LuK 415034310 Dual Mass Flywheel Clutch Without Bolts

LuK 415034310 Dual Mass Flywheel Clutch Without Bolts
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Brand: LuK
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LuK 415034310 DUAL MASS FLYWHEEL (W/O BOLTS) Replaces 0B1 105 266 AA,0B1 105 266 AF,0B1 105 266 N,9 023 G07 02,9 023 G07 04,9 023 G07 05,L-09023-0G07-02,L-09023-0G07-04,L-09023-0G07-05The OE choice for efficient vibration control Vibrations that occur in the drivetrain of a vehicle can be heard as low engine speed rattle and ‘droning’. To counteract this, LuK developed the first dual mass flywheel for mass production in 1985, designed to reduce vibrations in the drivetrain and deliver a smooth driving experience. A conventional flywheel consists of a single solid mass. The DMF is different, it consists of two separately mounted masses assembled so that they can rotate against each other. Integrated into the DMF are advanced spring and damper systems that almost completely absorb torsional vibration from the engine. The DMF is engineered to meet increasing demands from car owners for driving comfort, as well as from vehicle manufacturers striving to achieve increasingly lower levels of emissions and fuel consumption. Benefits: Reduces noise and vibration in the drivetrain Increases driving comfort by reducing load on the crankshaft and transmission Allows driving at low engine speeds, reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions Long service life Chosen for original fitment by the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers Hints and tips for protecting your DMF Always bear in mind your style of driving. Yes, you may be able to drive in 6th gear at 40mph in a modern car, but this is because all of the ‘Kangaroo hopping’ vibrations are being smoothed out by a DMF! Driving sensibly and using the correct gears should give you the best fuel economy whilst protecting your engine and drive train from wear. Finally, always remember that you bought a car that is technologically advanced - with modern day refinement and driveability. Why turn back the clock and convert it back to something from the 1980s! Article info - with screw set, Dual-mass flywheel without friction control plateNotes - without pilot bearingNumber Of Mounting Bores - 3