Maison De La Tendance

Maison De La Tendance
Brand: Dakota Fields
Color: black
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The round WOK Diameter 60 cm special campfire for brazier. The special brazier WOK is suitable for cooking food in the open air and guarantees you how to cook will give you maximum pleasure for the food. The wok allows you to grill a large amount of food, while its tripod ensures the stability of the grill and can be installed on any surface. Set up, light the fire and roast. The wide range of sizes allows you to prepare different dishes. Choose the size of your WOK according to the number of guests. The height of the griddle or pot on the tripod is easily adjustable thanks to the turnstile at the top of the tripod. The chain is optional if purchased alone without the tripod. Technical specifications: The WOK is made of sandblasted raw steel. It is strong and durable. Weight: 6,5 kg Diameter: 60 cm Finish: black powder coated steel. Available wok sizes: Diameter 60 cm 70cm Product benefits: Our product is made of high quality steel, characterized durable and easy to clean and maintain. It offers you several possibilities of uses. Our shop offers different flat woks and braziers that match perfectly with our wok. European manufacture