Mamas & Papas Cot Premium Dual Core Mattress

Mamas & Papas Cot Premium Dual Core Mattress
Brand: Mamas & Papas
Color: White
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Mamas & Papas Cot Premium Dual Core Mattress For the first two years of their life, your baby will sleep for around 13 months. That’s a lot of sleep, but it’s vital for developing their cognitive skills and nervous system. So, it’s fair to say that sleep is essential, especially as it gives you chance to catch up on some much-needed rest as well. A good night’s sleep starts with a good quality mattress. Mamas & Papas have a range of supportive mattresses, all tested to the highest U.K. standards, with a variety of cores and helpful properties that ensure your baby sleeps well from day one. So, you can too. And because purchasing a new mattress is crucial for a supportive and protective night’s sleep, Mamas & Papas will always be here to help your growing family settle into their sleep routine. A comfy and dual supportive core is key to a good baby mattress, and with the Premium Dual Core Mattress you get one core perfect for little babies and another better suited to growing toddlers. With a higher count of mini pocket springs plus crush-resistant walls and an additional double supportive layer consisting of natural coir support layer with a firm polyester comfort padding, the Cot Bed mattress provides a supportive space for sleep. Plus, the mattress is treated with anti-allergy properties as well as having both sides with Purotex Technology, to protect baby from bacteria and allergens. Depth: 1200 MM Height: 100 MM Material Content: Outer: Purotex Adaptive Breathex - 100% polyester Inner: Natural Durability Coir Layer - coconut husk Pocket Spring steel wire springs enclosed in polyester cloth UK Width: 700 MM Suitable from Birth Compatibility - Suitable with any Mamas & Papa’s Cot measuring 120 x 60cm Made in the UK Higher count of 220 mini pocket springs provide more even support Purotex Technology - active probiotic treatment against dust mites & allergens Anti-allergy natural fabric treatment protects against bacteria Dual core design offers two-sided support: one for infants, one for toddlers Temperature regulating design keeps baby cool and dry Perspiration control treatment reduces the chance of baby sweating The wipe-clean inner protects the core from spillages