Mariel XXL Analogue Wall Clock

Mariel XXL Analogue Wall Clock
Categories: Decoration, Clock
Brand: Metro Lane
Color: gray
Size: 65.0 H x 41.0 W x 0.5 D cm
76.99 GBP
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An extraordinary and modern wall clock, which will enchant any observer with its simplicity and beauty. It is made from high-gloss black acrylic glass. Rather than merely being a clock, it is an artful piece of jewellery that will look great in your living room, bedroom or in your office. It also makes a wonderful gift. An expressive composition that will distinguish your interior. Acrylic glass has a modern and pleasing appearance. Although lighter than regular glass, it is six times as robust. Acrylic glass is very decorative and perfectly reflects sunlight. Thanks to its UV resistance and external properties, acrylic glass requires no special maintenance and is capable of preserving its qualities for a long time. Each clock is delivered with easy-to-follow instructions. A number of models also include a template for quick and easy installation.