Nikon Z 30 Lens Kit W/16-50 Dx + 50-250 Dx

Nikon Z 30 Lens Kit W/16-50 Dx + 50-250 Dx
Brand: Nikon
Color: One Colour
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Nikon Z 30 Lens Kit w/16-50 DX + 50-250 DX Nikon is delighted to announce a game-raising vlogging camera, the Nikon Z 30. Small, capable, and super-simple to use, the Z 30 mirrorless camera is for anyone who wants to move beyond a smartphone and create better-looking, better-sounding vlogs-plus keep photo feeds engaging with richly detailed stills. Product unboxings to recipes, travel to parkour, the Z 30 makes it easy to create vibrant, professional-looking vlogs that have the clarity, depth, and clear sound you’d expect from top-class vloggers and streamers. The camera’s DX-format image sensor (which is much larger than a smartphone’s image sensor) enables the kind of sharp, richly detailed video that’s just not possible to achieve with a smartphone. Vloggers can record long takes with up to 125 minutes1 of uninterrupted video footage and full-time autofocus is available while recording. The Z 30 uses the full width of its sensor to enable a 100% field of view (approx.)-and audio quality is excellent, courtesy of the camera’s built-in stereo mic or an external microphone. Depth: 128 MM From 4K UHD (30p) video to timelapse movies and smooth slow motion in Full HD (120p) Capture great-sounding audio via the sensitive built-in stereo mic—or an external mic. You can record up to 125 minutes of uninterrupted video footage5, giving you plenty of space for long takes or continuous shooting. Video or photos, the Z 30 is packed with advanced automatic functions that make it easy for you to exert creative control The Z 30’s imaging power will let you pre-record or stream the most vibrant vlogs you’ve ever made Video and photos shot in low light look clean and professional. Shoot all the way up to ISO 25600 for video, and ISO 51200 (expandable) for stills. The camera’s ultra-wide Z mount lets its large DX-format 20.9 MP CMOS sensor gather so much more light than a smartphone. Video and photos, you get the kind of rich detail a phone can’t give you. Inside or out—day or night. Shooting action or yourself while on the move Video AF mode employs full-time AF to take the work out of focusing. The camera will stay locked on to your subject—no matter what they do, or how often you change composition on the fly. GPS: N Height: 73.5 MM NFC: N RAM Memory: No Memory SD Card: Y Video Quality: 4k Width: 59.5 MM Zoom: No Zoom