Noco Genius Battery Booster GB20 12V 400A 0180001

Noco Genius Battery Booster GB20 12V 400A 0180001
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Noco Genius GB20 battery booster The GB20 is a portable Jump Starter for lithium amperes of 400 Amp (4.650 J3S) provides for starting an empty battery in seconds. It features a patented safety technology that provides spark-free connections and reverse polarity protection. which is safe and easy for everyone to use. This is a powerful battery booster that also acts as a portable power source for charging USB devices such as a smartphone. tablet and more. Designed for cars. boats. engines. RV and more with gas engines up to 4 liters. This battery booster can be used between -30 ° C and + 50 ° C. The Noco Genius not only offers a lot of power. But it is also well protected against polarization. short circuit. overload and overheating. The terminals are also protected and will not spark quickly when connected to your battery. The nice thing about this jump starter is that it is not only suitable for starting your car. But it can also be used as a battery charger for small appliances. The Noco Genius has a USB charging point. so you can charge your phone with it. In addition. the Genius GB20 also has a powerful LED lamp of 100 lumens. So you can also use it in the dark. Specifications:

  • 12 Volt
  • Starting power 129A
  • 400A Peak Amp Rating
  • 4650 Joules
  • Start up to 3 liters of petrol engines
  • USB connection
  • Built-in 100 lumen LED lamp Note: Not suitable for diesel engines! battery Type: 12V application: Start booster Weight [kg]: 0.95 cable Storage: No USB connection: Yes Integrated work light: Yes Continuous power: 129A Guarantee : 2 years Max. effekt: 400A Cable thickness: 25 mm² Cable length: 0.6 m