Pawhut 3-tier Deluxe Cat Activity Tree Scratching Posts & Kitten House - Beige

Pawhut 3-tier Deluxe Cat Activity Tree Scratching Posts & Kitten House - Beige
Categories: Decoration, Poster
Brand: PawHut
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Ensure your cats are never left bored again with this cat tower from PawHut. A four-tier design, it combines a top round perch with cat ears for a cute look, a house on the second top platform below for them to hide away in and a small platform below, giving them a place to perch upon. Using particle board for a tough and durable core, the frame is covered in soft plush for safety and comfort, whilst the sisal cat scratching posts allow your cats to keep their claws sharp and in shape. Features and Benefits DELUXE DESIGN: Multi-level, keeps your cat/kitten(s) entertained whilst ensuring they keep active. Great for when they’re left alone in the cat trees and towers so they don’t feel lonely MULTI-FEATURE: Features a top round platform with cute cat ears, a hide-away house below, a small second-level platform, a bottom base and a dangling playball SCRATCHING POSTS: Safely allows your cat to sharpen their claws, deterring them away from using your furniture. PLUSH COVERING: Ensures extra safety, a soft surface that will avoid causing friction against their fur. Can be easily wiped clean PARTICLE BOARD FRAME: Ensures the cat stand is stable, durable and non-moistureproof and warping for reliability, with a base to keep it upright Specifications Colour: Beige Materials: Particleboard, sisal, plush Dimensions: 104H x 48L x 48Wcm. Suitable for 4.5 kg cat Assembly required