PawHut Cat Tree Climbing Tower for Indoor Cats - Brown

PawHut Cat Tree Climbing Tower for Indoor Cats - Brown
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Brand: PawHut
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With this PawHut cat tree, your pet’s daily life won’t be the same. If they want to scratch, climb and play, they can happily do so, thanks to the multiple levels, sisal rope scratching post and toy ball, which will stop them from climbing and clawing at your furniture. When it’s time to rest, they have lots of options - multiple perches or a private cat house - both are covered in soft plush fabric for extra snugness. With this cat tower, every day is a comfortable one. Features and Benefits Multilevel cat tree: Pets will enjoy climbing up and down. The cat-scratching tree includes a private house and multiple perches - lots of options for relaxing when tired Sisal rope scratching posts: This cat play tower is perfect for pets to sharpen their claws, which will stop them from clawing at your furniture Solid structure: Made from particle board, this cat tree tower has a strong base for extra stability - cats can climb, play and rest in complete safety Soft plush fabric: Comfortable and snug, this cat tree house is the ideal resting space and play area Specifications Colour: Brown and cream Material: Particleboard, plush and sisal Dimensions: 94H x 55L x 55Wcm Base: 55L x 55Wcm House: Corner to side: 29H x 37Wcm Door hole: 16 cm Small platform: 34L x 24Wcm Bed: 7H x 48L x 34Wcm Recommended cat weight: Under 6kg Assembly required Item label: D30-568V00LR