Philips 12972VPB1 H7 VisionPlus 55W 12V each 12972VPB1

Philips 12972VPB1 H7 VisionPlus 55W 12V each 12972VPB1
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Philips 12972VPB1 H7 VisionPlus 55W 12V each With Philips VisionPlus headlamps. drivers benefit from 60% more visibility. allowing them to see further for greater safety and comfort. VisionPlus offers high performance and excellent value for money that will satisfy even the most demanding drivers. Road safety means seeing and being seen Lighting is essential when driving on the road and the only element in the safety circle that can actually prevent accidents. Philips actively increases road safety to prevent accidents by improving overall visibility and road lighting. Philips is recommended by major car manufacturers Philips has been at the forefront of the automotive lighting industry for 100 years. with technological innovations now standard in modern cars. Today. one in two cars in Europe and one in three cars worldwide are equipped with Philips lighting. Specifications:

  • H7
  • VisionPlus projects light 25 meters longer than a standard lamp
  • Improved driving comfort and safety
  • Wide range of 12 V lamps for a variety of applications
  • Replace both headlights at the same time for optimum safety Parameter : H7 Wattage: 55W Type: Light bulb Variant: VisionPlus 60% Guarantee : 2 years Quantity: 1 application: High beam Voltage: 12V application: Low beam application: Fog light Bulb Type: H7 Voltage [V]: 12 Rated Power [W]: 55 Socket Type: PX26d Packing Type: Blister Pack