Philips Oneblade Replacement Blades For Face, 3 Pack, Qp230/50

Philips Oneblade Replacement Blades For Face, 3 Pack, Qp230/50
Categories: Decoration, Poster
Brand: Philips
Color: One Colour
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Trim, edge and shave any length of hair with the Philips OneBlade Replacement Blade Pack of 3. Discover the versatility of OneBlade, our must-have grooming tool. With OneBlade you can trim, shave, create clean lines and touch up edges. Forget about using multiple steps and tools, OneBlade does it all. What’s included? This pack includes 3 replacement blades for use on face. 3 blades will last up to 1 year* before you need to replace and recycle. Unique patented OneBlade Technology Its dual protection system - a glide coating combined with rounded tips - makes shaving easier and comfortable. Its shaving technology features a fast-moving cutter (200x per second) so it’s highly efficient - even on longer hairs. Key features: Each replacement blade lasts 4 months* - An eject symbol will appear on your blade when it’s time to replace with a new one. On average, you only need to replace every 4 months* for optimal performance. All blades compatible with all OneBlade handles - Whether you’ve got a OneBlade or a OneBlade Pro, all blades are suitable with all handles. Use wet or dry. Recyclable blades - You can now recycle your used blades by posting them to: FREEPOST RSHJ-KRSA-UHGE, Philips Parts Recycling, Olympic Shavers, 6-8 Calverton Business Park, Hoyle Road, Nottingham, NG14 6QL. For best shaving experience. Based on two full shaves per week. Actual results may vary. Shaver Type: Foil Trimmer Type: Beard clippers Rechargeable One Blade can trim, edge, and shave any length of hair Includes three replaceable blades Three blades lasts up to 12 months (*for best shaving experience based on two full shaves per week, actual results may vary) The usage indicator will help to remind you when it’s time to change your blade Fits all One Blade handles