Privacy Shades suitable for Nissan Leaf (ZE1) 2018-, excl. models with reversing camera (4-piece) PV NILEA5B PV NILEA5B

Privacy Shades suitable for Nissan Leaf (ZE1) 2018-, excl. models with reversing camera (4-piece) PV NILEA5B PV NILEA5B
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Set Car Shades Nissan Leaf 2018-. does not fit models with rear view camera Set of ready-made Car Shades sunblinds. perfect during the beautiful summer weather. long holiday trips and especially for your passengers. The sunshades keep the bright sun out and the specially woven fabric structure gives your car a nice discreet appearance. your windows get the look of tinted windows. You simply click the Car Shades between your window styles and remove them just as easily. They are the perfect alternative to window film. sun curtains and expensive privacy glass because they combine everything in one. The Car Shades keep the sun out but you can drive with your window open. This way you can let the cool wind in during the warm weather. Even with a completely open window. sun rays and insects have no chance to penetrate. In cars without air conditioning. it is an indispensable solution against the sun and heat. Each set of Car Shades consists of ready-made sunshades for all windows from the B-pillar. The Car Shades have a perfect fit and quality. Due to the durable material. it is not a problem if moisture. dirt or cigarette ash gets on it. you can easily clean it again. The advantages of Car Shades:

  • They have exactly the same dimensions as the window.
  • Easy to apply: you can install them in your car within minutes using the handy clips supplied.
  • 2D Shaped.
  • Rear window consists of 2 parts. which saves space when storing.
  • Durable. dirt and moisture resistant material. Easy to clean.
  • Excellent shielding against sunlight. heat and insects.
  • The car heats up less quickly from the inside due to the sun.
  • Childrens eyes are no longer plagued by the sun.
  • Can be used with an open window.
  • Gives a neat and discreet appearance.
  • Safe material: the frame consists of light and flexible steel wire covered with a fire-resistant polyester fabric.
  • Each set comes with a storage bag and accompanying clips. Mounting clips: Including Content: 4-piece Guarantee : 3 years Execution of rear window: Rear window from two parts Content set: Contains shades for all rear windows