Razer PWM Fan Controller

Razer PWM Fan Controller
Categories: Accessories, Magnets
Brand: Razer
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Master your PC’s airflow and noise with the Razer Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) PC Fan Controller. Easily use Razer Synapse software to unlock and customize the pulse width modulation curves for up to 8 fans and enjoy lower noise levels compared to traditional DC powered fan setups. CONNECTS WITH UP TO 8 FANS Designed to provide voltage and PWM control for up to 8 fans, the Razer PWM PC Fan controller supports a diverse range of PC build requirements and offers complete system control. CUSTOM FAN CURVE PROFILES Create custom fan curve profiles via Razer Synapse and have your case fans automatically adjust their speeds based on system temperature—including the ability to run at zero RPM for total silence. CONVENIENT FAN MONITORING Keep track and adjust fan speeds all from a single intuitive interface with Razer Synapse software to ensure optimal performance. THIN PROFILE The Razer PWM PC Fan controller features a low-profile design and magnetic backing, making it easy to install in tight spaces within your PC case.