Remington Proluxe You Adaptive Air Styler

Remington Proluxe You Adaptive Air Styler
Brand: Remington
Color: One Colour
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Your hair is unique, so your styling tools should be too. That’s why the PROluxe You Adaptive Hot Air Styler is just for you. Cosmopolitan Tested and Approved 2022 “A great hairdryer with adaptive heat technology and a really modern display! Cosmopolitan testers loved how the styling experience was personalised to their hair type and liked how quickly it dried their hair. It created a smooth and sleek finish that lasted throughout the day and the variety of attachments for different hair types and styling requirements were extensive enough for most.” - Cosmopolitan, 2022 Intelligent StyleAdapt Technology Everyone’s hair is unique; but there’s one thing we all have in common - wanting to create volume, body and bounce that lasts all day. When styling, it can be difficult to know what the best temperature setting or technique is for creating your look, because what works for someone else doesn’t always work for you. The PROluxe You Adaptive Airstyler has Intelligent StyleAdapt Technology that learns about your hair and adapts the heat to your unique styling needs. So, whether you want to go bigger than ever, get lift at the roots or shape your ends with carefree flicks, you can achieve All Day Lasting* results with Healthier Styling** that leaves your hair up to 2 Xstronger** How does Intelligent StyleAdapt Technology work As you style with the round or oval brushes, sensors on the barrels read your hairs’. temperature More than 1800 Times***per styling session, learning about your hair and styling technique. The sensors feeds the temperature readings into an Intelligent Microprocessor, and the LED Indicator spins as it continuously adjusts the heat of the air to the ideal styling temperature for your hair. How is Intelligent StyleAdapt Technology different to a standard AirStyler Intelligent StyleAdapt Technology r eads your hairs’ temperature in real time and adjusts the heat output up or down to keep the hair temperature consistent throughout styling. This allows for your best results no matter the varying factors. Accessory List: Oval Brush with Combination Bristles, Round Brush with Combination Bristles & Root Boost Cord Length (in M): 3 Heat Settings: Variable Power Type: Mains Styler Type: Hot Air Styler Technology: Ceramic Travel Size: N Intelligent StyleAdapt Technology - Learns, adapts and personalises the heat to your hairs’ unique styling needs delivering your best results StyleAdapt™ LED indicator - Indicates when the airstyler is reading your hair’s temperature and continuously adapting the heat. Advanced Diamond Ceramic Coating for even heat distribution across the brush barrels. 3 x Styling accessories: Oval Brush with Combination Bristles – Lifts the hair close to the root for fullness and body. Round Brush with Combination Bristles – Smooths the hair and shapes the ends. Root Boost – Concentrates air at the root for added volume. LED Display clearly displays the setting that you’ve selected. Manual mode - 3 Heat/Speed Settings, Override StyleAdapt™ and use your preferred setting. Powerful 1000W handle Dries and styles your hair in one step Memory Function - Turn on your airstyler using the On/Off Switch and begin styling with the last temperature you used. *Style shown to last 24 hours in laboratory trials. **StyleAdapt Mode Vs styling with a standard Remington dryer and styler. Results may vary by hair type. ***2x/sec x 15 minutes of styling . ^Vs standard ceramic coating