Samurai Jack My Quest Continues Kids' T-Shirt - Black - 3-4 Years

Samurai Jack My Quest Continues Kids' T-Shirt - Black - 3-4 Years
Brand: Cartoon Network
Color: Black
14.99 GBP
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IWOOT - Stuff you really, really wantThe creative Samurai Jack My Quest Continues Kids’ T-Shirt is defined by its exclusivity and style, aspects that enhance any wardrobe. Conceived by our in-house team, it boasts an eye-catching graphic that has been printed on a Black T-shirt.(Ensuring adherance to best practice, this product has been sourced from ethical suppliers, so you can trust our site as the number-one place to purchase clothing.) Pure-cotton attireWashing-machine safeConsult the label for tumble-dryer instructionsMedium-weight clothingComfort assured, our items provide a relaxed fit for both boys and girls. Our recommendation is that you order a size up if you want a baggy fit.A young prince named Jack inherits a magical katana from his father which can defeat the shape-shifting demon Aku. Jack suffers defeat to Aku and is sent to a dystopian earth in which the demon is the ruler of. Jack must face this harsh reality if he stands any change of regaining normality! Check out this awesome Samurai Jack collection, release your inner warrior.