Scangrip Cob LED Headlamp Zone 150lm 2W

Scangrip Cob LED Headlamp Zone 150lm 2W
Brand: vidaXL
Color: blue
Size: 1.38 H x 3.74 W x 3.4 D cm
60.99 GBP
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Light up your entire workspace with panoramic beam with this rechargeable COB LED headlamp Zone from Scangrip! As opposed to all other headlamps, providing a beam of light, Zone is designed to provide optimum work light illuminating your entire work area. Supplied with the newest COB LED technology, the headlight provides an extremely powerful illumination which spreads the uniform light to the maximum and lightens up your entire field of view. With this headlamp, you will avoid turning the head to illuminate your actual workspace from a limited headlamp beam. The zone is designed for professional use. It is sturdy and has a low weight of only 84g. Its headband is easily adjustable. With its attractive price, Zone will become another Scangrip bestseller.