Scion Esala Kelda Wallpaper - Green

Scion Esala Kelda Wallpaper - Green
Categories: Decoration, Wallpaper
Brand: Scion
Color: Green
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Scion Esala Kelda Wallpaper in Green Full of the peppy personality that Scion have made a name for themselves with, the Esala Kelda wallpaper is a fab way to breathe new life into your interiors. It captures the attention with a fun, wildlife-inspired print that was originally produced as a lino cut. Folksy takes on squirrels, deer and wildflowers build a visual that’s full of enchanting depth, and the pale green palette ensures it works wonderfully well whether using it as the focal point of a feature wall or hanging all around the room. Pebble not your colour? Search Esala Kelda to see the choices available. Height: 52 CM Wallpaper Design: Patterned