Scruffs Noodle Drying Towel - Grey

Scruffs Noodle Drying Towel - Grey
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Brand: Scruffs
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The Scruffs Noodle Drying Towel is extremely absorbent, easily soaking up excess moisture, enabling your dog’s coat to dry quickly after a wet and muddy walk. Micro-fibre chenille is used to produce the dry towels noodles. The micro-fibre material is made from millions of textured, ultrafine strands woven together to achieve a surface area that is much greater than the actual size of the dry towel. This vast surface area gives the dry towel its super-absorbent properties, soaking up water just like a sponge, as well as improving airflow, this means drying time is greatly reduced. This towel is also machine washable at 30 degrees making it easy to keep clean. Features and Benefits Easy to wash - The mat can be machine washed at 30 degrees making it easy to keep clean. Absorbent - Made from micro-fibre material this towel will speed up the post walk drying routine. Easy to use - The towel has a pocket on the back to put your hand in making it easy to dry your dog. Specifications Colour: Grey Dimensions: W 80, D 30, H 1.5 cm Washing instructions: Machine washable at 30 degrees What’s Included Scruffs Noodle Drying Towel Grey x 1 Please Note: The images should not be used as a specific size representation, please make sure to refer to the size and measurement details to determine which size is suitable for your pet.