Shark Corded Handstick With Anti-Hair Wrap And Flexology Hz3000Ukt

Shark Corded Handstick With Anti-Hair Wrap And Flexology Hz3000Ukt
Brand: Shark
Color: One Colour
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Introducing a game-changing corded stick vacuum cleaner from the Shark Stratos collection. Shark’s best ever hair pick-up with Anti Hair Wrap Plus Tired of removing tangled hair from your brush-roll Showcasing an enhanced brush-roll design that delivers Shark’s best ever hair pick-up, the Anti Hair Wrap Plus floorhead removes long, short and pet hair from the brush-roll as you clean, so you don’t have to. Anti-Odour Technology Protects against bad odours inside the vacuum for a fresher-smelling home. A unique cartridge system guards against dust cup odours commonly caused by pet hair, dust and dander. Perfect for all floor types Glide from carpets to hard floors with Shark’s signature DuoClean floorhead. Two motorised brush-rolls working together in one floorhead – the Anti Hair Wrap Plus brush-roll deep cleans carpets, drawing out embedded dirt and picking up hair, while a soft front brush-roll draws in debris and lifts stuck-on dust from hard floors. LED headlights illuminate hidden dust and pet hair pile-ups. Reach, clean & store anywhere Flexology bends so you don’t have to. This slim stick vacuum features a clever flexible wand – at the touch of a button, it bends to reach and clean underneath low-lying furniture such as sofas, tables and beds. When you’ve finished cleaning, simply fold the vacuum down for compact, freestanding storage. Transform into a handheld vacuum For more than floors, transform into a lightweight handheld vacuum at the touch of a button. Easily clean stairs, soft furnishings, up high and behind furniture in handheld mode with 3 attachments - a Multi-Surface Tool, Crevice Tool & Anti Hair Wrap Pet Tool, effortlessly removing embedded pet hair from upholstery and more. Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Captures and traps 99.9%* of dust and allergens inside the vacuum, not releasing them back into the air you breathe. (*Based on IEC standard 62885-2 Cl. 5.14 at 0.3 to 10 microns. ) Simple controls Easily start or stop your clean and switch between Carpet and Hard Floor settings without bending down, thanks to a control panel conveniently placed on the handle.