Smart Sketcher Projector 2.0

Smart Sketcher Projector 2.0
Brand: Very
Color: One Colour
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Your little Picasso can make masterpieces with the SmART Sketcher Projector 2.0! Artists can project and Sketch with the SmART Sketcher Projector 2.0. Kids aged 5+ can choose pre-loaded ’learn to draw’ pictures or use the free downloadable app to load their own photos! Easy to use navigation buttons enable them to smoothly move through the drawing steps. It includes 60+ pre-loaded step-by-step SmART activities with interactive sounds and special effects. They can even trace letters! The projector is designed to encourage STEAM learning. It also includes a USB cable and storage for up to 4 activity cards. Age Range: 5+ Warning Message: Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years Sketch & learn! TBC Includes USB cable TBC 60+ smART Activities. TBC Interactive sounds & special effects. TBC Download your own photos onto the smART sketcher. TBC 1 x smART sketcher projector, USB cable TBC, 1 x memory card. TBC