Snow chains RUD Centrax V S898 100807

Snow chains RUD Centrax V S898 100807
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Snow chains RUD V Centrax S898 The RUD Centrax V S898 is the easiest to install snow chain and the test winner in various European snow chain tests. This tread chain has been specially developed for cars where no traditional snow chain may be mounted. The advantage of this chain is that there is no chain behind the tire. Many modern vehicles have little to no space in the wheel arch. The RUD Centrax V S898 snow chain offers excellent grip on ice and snow and meets the TUV. GS and O-standard V5117 certification Specifications:

  • Automatic tensioner
  • 7mm link
  • Protection for alloy wheels
  • For SUVs. vans or motorhomes
  • Ideal for cars with limited space between the wheel arch and the tire
  • Easy assembly
  • For cars with and without ABS and ESP
  • Easy to remove
  • TUV and O standard approved
  • Set of 2 snow chains
  • Mounting on the wheel bolt. comes with 17. 19. 21 and 24 mm adapters Suitable for tire sizes:
  • 15 Inch: 235/75R15. 255/70R15
  • 16 Inch : 205/80R16. 255/65R16
  • 17 Inch : 255/60R17. 275/55R17
  • 18 Inc h: 255 / 55R18
  • 19 Inch: 235/65R19. 255/50R19. 275/45R19. 285/45R19
  • 20 Inch: 245/45R20. 255/45R20. 255/55R20. 275/40R20. 315/35R20
  • 21 Inch: 275/45R21. 295/35R21. 325/30R21
  • 22 Inch: 275/40R22. 295/30R22 Guarantee : 2 years Quantity: 2 pieces Switch thickness : 7 mm Spanner : Automatic Autotype : vans. SUV. 4x4 and campers Material: Metal Tested : TÜV. O standard. GS