Sonic Start Booster Portable 12V/1200A 48108

Sonic Start Booster Portable 12V/1200A 48108
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Sonic Start Booster Portable 12V/1200A Sonic boosters are built from the best components to ensure power and reliability to their users. They are provided with a maximum power for start-up with the required safety. The cables are double insulated. optimal length and extremely flexible. The battery/accumulator are made of pure lead and are made to deliver maximum current almost immediately. The curved clamps are ergonomically shaped and fully insulated. Specifications:

  • Voltage 12V
  • Starter Amplifiers 1200A
  • Peak Amplifiers 3100A
  • Adapter AC / DC 230/12V
  • Fuse on battery 500A
  • Weight 16.5 kg
  • Dimensions cm (LxWxH) 45 x 13 x 39 cm Guarantee : 2 years Integrated work light: No application: Start booster Cable thickness: 25 mm² battery Type: 12V Max. effekt: 3100A Continuous power: 1200A Cable length: 1.5 m Input: AC / DC 230 / 12V