Summy 25cm Wall Clock

Summy 25cm Wall Clock
Categories: Decoration, Clock
Brand: Union Rustic
Color: gray
Size: 50.0 H x 50.0 W x 2.0 D cm
129.99 GBP
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From the Rings of this clock, you can explore the history and health of your life. Made from a laser-cut metal sheet that is then bent and powder-coated and hand screen printed for an unusual and aesthetically pleasing decorative timepiece. The clock is made of “Ferro Nero Calamina”: a type of steel that conserves through a special treatment the natural iron look, i.e. the spots, brands and traces of rust. Those imperfections confer a “used” look and an industrial charm to the product. The “Ferro Nero Calamina” is a living material that with time undergoes certain aesthetic modifications due to the reactions with atmospheric agents. The surface of the clock is protected by a thin coating of beeswax. To best preserve the product over time it is advisable to periodically administer the following treatment: removing the rust spots with a piece of fine steel wool (included);applying a thin layer of beeswax with a soft cloth.Attention! Do not apply the steel wool to the serigraph area.